Roofon, a premium offering from Shree Cement Limited with PPC and OPC cement that meets international standards created as a result of our extensive R&D process specially designed to create strong lasting concrete structures with high tensile strength.

With a quality backed by international research & development and supported by the company’s experts from its plant based at the United Arab Emirates, ROOFON cement provides a perfect balance of optimum fluidity and excellent setting properties making it a specialist for concrete structures.


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Exemplary Strength

The High Reactive Silica (HRS) particles present in ROOFON (PPC) make it still Stronger by surpassing the existing Quality Benchmarks

Multi-Stage Hydration

A multi-stage hydration reaction process carries on for years in ROOFON by cementing the pores of concrete, thereby continuously reinforcing the strength of the structure


Almost 100% gel formation in ROOFON, minimizes the quantum of micro-pores making concrete Highly Impermeable

Highly Durable

With the properties of pore refinement (filling) of concrete, the structures made with ROOFON cement become completely Impregnable and Highly Durable

Homes that last Forever

ROOFON cement is formulated to protect the structure from Alkali Silica reaction, Chloride attack, Sulfate attack and atmospheric carbonation