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Steady Steps to Growth

We have steadily delivered returns on the invested capital, progressively augmenting shareholder value. Our shareholders who have been with us since we went public in 1985 have seen their investment grow at an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 26.06% (as on 31st March, 2020). As the industry gears up for an unprecedented year because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe that our policies and practices will keep us steady and we will be able to maintain investors' confidence in the company.

Financial Results & Annual Reports

EBITDA/Net Profit ( Crore)

(9 months)

Shree Cement at a glance

Turnover ( Crore )
(9 months)
Market Cap ( Crore )
(9 months)
Net Worth ( Crore )
(9 months)

Shree Cement Key Figures

Parameter 2009-10 2019-20 CAGR
Cement Production Capacity 12.00 MTPA 40.4 MTPA 12.91%
Power Generation Capacity 210 MW 742 MW 13.45%
Revenue 3632.12 Cr 11,904 Cr 12.60%
EBIDTA 1578.35 Cr 3946.2 Cr 9.60%
Net Profit 676.10 Cr 1570.20 Cr 8.79%
Net Worth 1833.24 Cr 12936.42 Cr 21.58%
Market Cap 8228.03 Cr 63308.54 Cr 22.64%

Qualified Institutions Placement (QIP) in Nov-2019 of

2,400 Crore
First time Capital increase since year 1997

Highest Short Term Credit Rating

Crisil A1+ Care A1+

Highest Long Term Credit Rating

Crisil AAA Care AA

Corporate Governance

Consistent and stable business performance along with the highest standards of corporate governance over a long period of time, has enabled us to earn investors' trust.

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Shareholder Information

Shree has steadily delivered returns on the invested capital that are higher than one available in the alternative investment opportunities to its investors. We have progressively augmented shareholder value the focus of all the metrics as reflected in market capitalisation of the Company, net worth, or EPS.

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Shree Cement's policy framework has been designed to institutionalise the principles that the company stands for and to ensure uniform accountability towards all its stakeholders.

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