Our people, our strength

A team that is recognised for its exemplary work culture, extraordinary commitment and belief in working towards the greater good

Among India's Top
25places to work in manufacturing sector
Here’s what we promise you when you join us.
  • Be trusted to take charge, bring ideas to reality and deliver end to end
  • Opportunity to challenge your boundaries every day, continuously learn and improve
  • Freedom to fail as long as you learn. Here you don’t have to get everything right the first time
  • Avenues to speak your mind, because we value transparency and take constructive action
  • A place where you feel valued for your work and for who you are
  • An environment to accelerate your growth within the company because we value home grown leadership
Among India’s
Bestworkplaces in Cement & Building Materials
We have been among the sector best for last 3 consecutive years. We promise an environment that is driven by
  • Trust, bias to action, spirit of innovation and continuous improvement
  • A team that is consistently thinking of newer and better ways to create value
  • Leaders who mentor and handhold where needed while giving people the freedom to perform

We are our own competition, taking one day at a time, we create new records and improve them as routine. At Shree, we walk together, achieve together and celebrate together. If these are the values and working principles that you identify with, this is your place to be.

We are building the future


Culture of Innovation by All
We are among India's Best Workplaces for Building a Culture of Innovation by All by Great Place to Work ®


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