Shree has been a forerunner in adopting the sustainability paradigm. A reflection of the fact is that the company pursues a holistic growth agenda with emphasis on three measures, or bottom lines, of corporate performance – economic, social and environmental. Economic performance brings out the Company's contribution to production and profit; social performance highlights its contribution to community; environmental performance brings out the contribution to conserving the environment. Shree was the first Indian and the third Asian cement company to join the Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Switzerland.

As a member of CSI, the Company is committed to pulling down its energy footprint, emission, implementing best practices such as co-processing of AFR, improvement of health and safety, maintaining transparency among stakeholders and sharing its knowledge with other members.

We have been reporting on CDP's climate change program for the last seven years and have been receiving invitation to report on Dow Jones Sustainability index (DJSI) since the last three years. Our remarkable performance in terms of corporate governance and social performance together with consistent financial performance makes us a front-runner in sustainability.

We believe that the word success is plural by definition, in the sense that our success is not separated from the safeguarding of our planet and the wellbeing of the people that live in it. Our thoughts, planning and implementation contains at its core, environmental improvement and people betterment to ensure a sustainable growth. Some of our initiatives like setting up of Green Power Plants, manufacturing of synthetic gypsum and use of Air Cooled Condensers (ACCs) corroborate our commitment towards this drive for sustainability.

Reduced Emission Load

We are deeply concerned about our ecosystem and are aware of the dependency of our surrounding communities on it. We have introduced various measures in our processes to ensure reduced emissions for the preservation of the environment. While our clinker production has increased, we have brought down the PM (Kg/ton of clinker) through our conservation measures like improving the efficiency of ESP, replacing of ESPs with Bag - Houses and installation of efficient Dust Collectors.

We are committed to achieve the emission reduction targets of PM, SO2 and NOx as specified by Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC).

Blending Material Consumption and CO2 Reduction

Fly Ash is a waste-product of thermal power plants which is discarded as landfills. We have increased the utilization of this waste-product in the process of cement manufacturing which has led to a decrease in the consumption of clinker. This in turn has helped in the conservation of limestone.

Reduction of CO Emission in Heavy Earth Moving Machines (H.E.M.M.)

We monitor the CO emission in all H.E.M.M. on regular intervals with Flue Gas Analyzer. By analyzing the data, we took corrective measures i.e. ensuring proper burning of the fuel (tappet setting), proper fuel injection (injector calibration) and thereby maintained the CO level within limits. Even with increased load on these machines, these steps have enabled us to reduce the fuel consumption, increase the engine life and contribute towards the eco-system.

Green for Good

The company is committed to protect the environment and has taken measures to address global challenges such as climate change. Our Green Power projects and increased use of Fly Ash in cement production is a step in this direction. Besides, our dedicated focus towards the 'green cause' saw an increase in the number of trees planted. The overall greenery level of the plant area was 34% on 2009. We have also installed solar lights and heaters in our premises and LED based lights in our plants. We celebrate World Environment Day on 5th June to create awareness about environment safety. We organize workshops, and distribute booklets emphasizing on environment protection.

Prudent Water Management

We are committed to conservation, recycling and recharging. One of the major steps towards conservation of water has been the replacement of the Conventional Water Cooling System with Air Cooled Condensing System. Another initiative in this direction was installation of Waste Heat Recovery Boilers (WHRB). In the absence of WHRBs, the waste hot gases had to be conditioned by spraying of water to bring it down to ambient temperature before releasing the gases. The installations of WHRBs have eliminated the need for conditioning of gases thereby resulting in considerable water savings. A new sewage treatment plant has been installed for the treatment and reuse of domestic waste water generated from our housing colony. This water is reused for purposes like irrigation, quenching and water spray. We are also engaged in constructing various rain water harvesting structures like check dams, open and injection wells etc. We have adopted unique approaches like utilizing sites of abandoned mines to harvest rain water and Roof Rain Water Harvesting System. For the State at large, we also provide assistance to the government for rejuvenation of local water bodies.

Focus on Social Development

We believe that a company's prosperity is linked with that of its neighboring communities. We touch the lives of the communities that surround our operations either on our own or in partnership with government bodies and the community at large. Empowering communities and working towards making a meaningful difference to them is an approach that is deeply engrained in our business. The vision is to become a catalyst of positive change in society. Our approach towards development of the local community has been focused on the below five priority areas – Healthcare, Education, Infrastructure Development, Women Empowerment, Livelihood Generation based on our observations and community consultations with our adopted villages.

Education is the answer to deal with a lot of the prevailing issues. With this in mind, we are providing aid to senior secondary school located within our premise and also contribute to meet its infrastructural requirements that help more and more children with better access to education. Various literacy projects for non-school going girls, education development schemes for students wanting to pursue ITI and computer education for rural youth are also carried out. We organize various health camps like Polio vaccination and eye camps annually. Weekly health check – up camps are also organized in our nearby villages through mobile dispensaries. We conduct various awareness programs for our truckers' community to combat diseases like HIV/AIDS. Family welfare programs are also undertaken. MAMTA Project is one such example through which we have been able to reach out and provide benefits to pregnant women as well as infants' upto 1 year of age. Vaccination programs for protecting children against diseases like Hepatitis – B and Typhoid have been organized. Awareness drives against use of tobacco, liquor have also been carried out. In order to spread the benefits to as many community members as possible, we also provide assistance to the government in their health programs by way of donations, mobility support and material support.