Happiness Every Day

Joy, exuberance, celebration, camaraderie, love, happiness - synonyms that define Life at Shree. The annual function that is held in February marks the beginning of a year at Shree Cement. A collaborative effort of the Shree Family, the Shree Annual function is one of the grandest in the entire state of Rajasthan. Witnessed by thousands of people, the Annual Function has been a central attraction of the region for almost two decades. Along with the celebration, the function sets the tone for the year to come. And what a beginning! The past few years have been testimony to the energy and commitment with which we have been consistently raising the bar at all fronts.

A matter of pride is the amount of effort that every team member is willing to put in to bring ideas to reality and how effortlessly the team works together to realise organisational goals. And this is what has helped us attain the scale at which we are today.

A family that is always together, celebrating all wins, no matter how small or big they are and give credit where it is due. Mentor and handhold where needed while giving people the freedom to perform. At Shree, we walk together, achieve together and celebrate together - that's Life@Shree.